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The purveyors of life changing experiences


Scott Columb

Head Guide / Director 

Scott's been racing since he was 10 & has racked up an impressive collection of titles nationally, internationally and on the world stage.

His ability on a bike is only surpassed by his ability to make the unimaginable possible for his clients.
From coaching the next generation of champions, to curating an epic tour for you and your mates - he gets it done.


Scott is the top dog while out in the mountains, has all the qualifications and experience needed to safely and professionally provide a world class experience.   


Matt Bennell


Matt's been with the team for over 6 years, has an obscene passion for hard enduro, tells shit jokes and lives to ride. If he's not working or spending time with his family, he's in the mountains on his bike. 

Matt's the glue that binds it all together from concept to completion on the epic multi-day tours, handling all the logistics required to create unforgettable experiences for everyone he rides with. 

An invaluable asset to have on hand while out in the mountains, with random tales and tidbits of interesting facts that seemingly come from nowhere, he adds that extra morsel to an already incredible experience.  

Diego Herrera Ried


Diego does all the things you see on YouTube that look easy until you try it yourself. His favourite English word is 'momentum'.. He's been racing on the world stage since 2012, representing Chile in the Super Enduro World Championship, has raced against the likes of Taddy, Bolt, Walker among many others.

Diego has your back, literally and metaphorically - he'll be with you on tour helping you through the grueling sections that are a Sunday stroll for this incredibly talented rider. 

Ryan 'Grubby' Adlam


Grubby is our MX/SX mad man, he loves going around in circles and flying through the air.. You won't get hold of him on Sundays - he'll be watching the Supercross or grooming the local track. 

Ryan has raced from a young age and is a wealth of knowledge when out on tour. 

With years of experience in the mountains guiding along side Scott and Denis, Ryan's a very handy companion to have when you need a pep talk to boost your energy levels, Grubby's a straight shooter.

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