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Coaching & Training

Scott Columb has enjoyed a very successful racing career in many disciplines, from representing New Zealand in the MXoN 2008, 2009, 2014. to consecutive titles in supercross and motocross and reaching podiums in hard-enduro events at home and abroad. Scott has been teaching and training riders and racers on two wheels for over 25 years. From the critical basic techniques, to sharing the intricate techniques used throughout his own career at the top of the game. Scott possesses the skills and knowledge to get the absolute best out of each rider he engages.

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Trail Riding Essentials

Want to get out and explore the mountains but feel like you need to be with someone more experienced and clued up when you're out in the middle of no where? Become that person, learn the skills to ride a full day and tackle any unknown thrown your way.

 Scott and his team offer per-hour sessions which include many facets of trail riding including: 

  • Riding position & technique to minimise fatigue and increase control

  • Bike setup 

  • Must-have riding gear & essentials to carry

  • Tyre repair / towing techniques

  • Recovery / water ingress solutions

  • + Much more 

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MX/SX Coaching 

Having reached the podium in every national competition he entered for over a decade & reaching the top 10 internationally, Scott knows how to win and leave the pack behind. 

From holeshots to scrubbing, posture, grip and footing. Let him hone your skills and pick apart what needs fixing.

Scott can come to you, or you to us. Travel fees apply.

Bookings by private consultation only.   

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Hard-Enduro Course

Gritty, tricky, horrible, sweaty, fun. Hard Enduro is booming right now, the 300cc two-stroke world is rife with riders looking for the gnarliest, hardest obstacles to conquer. We love it too & have an ever changing hard enduro course in the heart of Queenstown designed to improve and impress.

 Control, Consideration and Commitment are the biggest lessons to be had. 

  • Control - Having clutch and throttle control so finely tuned you can pivot the side of a hill & get over any log of any size 

  • Consideration - Picking the right line, reading the terrain & knowing when to turn around and try again instead of sapping energy halfway into a section. 

  • Commitment - Winning that mental battle that attacks your confidence, knowing how to get it and having the mettle to do it. 


Whatever you need, chances are we can make it happen. Get in touch and let us know how we can help

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